Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it will affect your search engine ranking result in Google and justhdservices.com. The earlier you join in, your search result is in front of your competitors. It means you have better advantage over your competitors.

To start selling or promoting your company  products or services, you must register to justhdservices.com services to become a registered supplier.

If you encounter problem with our suppliers such as non receivable of goods after payment, we encourage you to communicate and try to settle the dispute with the suppliers for at least two times. After that, if the problem persists, you may report the incident to us stating the suppliers company name, email address and the case details to us. We will investigate the case and follow up accordingly.

We would appreciate if you would inform us immediately and we will suspend or delete the suppliers account immediately once we verify the complaint is sound and accurate.

Whether or not you have built your own website is not important. Above all, the question that you should be really giving a thought is, whether it brings you business opportunities or not. Usually, you need to spend a lot of time and resources to promote your website to your potential customers, hence it put your website in a relatively passive position and loss out business opportunities to your competitors.
On the other hand, a B2B e-commerce platform like justhdservices.com works by focusing and bringing targeted and potential trade buyers, and delivered them to your B2B website.

The Internet has now becoming the most widely use tools of finding business and trade information, joining justhdservicesl.com helps your company to be searchable on the Internet, and expanding your trade potentials not only to local businesses but also by overseas potential trade buyers.


Standing with the strong foundation of having industry experience, this portal is well versed with the in & outs of the every zone of India. We already have a well established contact with the major related industries across India, which surely helps to provide the best atmosphere for the growth of our B2B clients.

The use of internet is increasing day by day and for every small and trivial thing everybody is taking help of internet. This also is raising the popularity of online advertising, through which many business are getting benefits of promoting their products and services worldwide.

A B2B portal is a substantial World Wide Web platform for the business, where buyers & suppliers around the world get opportunity to connect with each other. Through this the manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, importers, sellers and buyers of any product or service anywhere from the world can fulfill their any kind of requirements. It’s an extensive way to link with the business entities all around the pune.

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